Care of the Ageing, Needy and the Underprivileged Association​
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Any physical person can become a member of C.A.N.U after providing a written application to the executive bureau of the Association and accepting to abide to the rules and regulations and also to work according to the status of C.A.N.U. Such applications are forwarded to the General Assembly for the final decision-by voting with at least a 2/3 majority for. All duly members can stand for elections or vote during elections. If you wish to join us , then contact us.

Honorary members or Ambassadors of the Association:
They shall be those who share the ideas of the association, are ready to support the association technically, morally, financially or otherwise. Each one will indicate one's way of support and are free to do that at their own will even when being contacted by the Association.

Active members:
They are duly registered with the association and contribute to the smooth running of it. They shall be those who will freely sacrifice for the implementation of the association’s aims. They will see to it that the beneficiaries are well catered for, given the joy and reason to live and be reinstated into the society- for the abandoned and many others, for the active ones.

These are persons who love the activities of the association but are not members, yet can assist it in one way or the other whenever they wish.

They shall be the target population. Beneficiaries shall be admitted after careful study of their situation by the supervisors or any executive member who shall then write it down and forward to the executive bureau. When fully qualified to be admitted, such a member will fully be taken care of by the association depending on the person’s special needs and means available. To become a member, contact us at

Volunteers can come from any country provided they understand and speak English language or are willing to learn. These are people who decide to spend some time working for and with the association/a community within our beneficiaries communities. The time they spend will be determined by they themselves in agreement with the association's executive board or contact person(s). No limited time frame is prescribed for volunteers but their stay must be at least for 3 months.
  1. Scholarship Schemes
    This is offered to orphans and vulnerable children in our communities who cannot afford to go to school. We pride tuition, didactic materials and at times nutrition and other school needs. Contact us if you wish to sponsor a child at
  2. Medical Assistance
    Medical assistance: We educate our beneficiaries and communities on the need for better health practice through conferences, seminars and workshops, Improve access to and use of health facilities by bringing health facilities and professionals closer to the people and also providing health care at little or no cost to the most vulnerable population.
  3. Provision of / care of water sources
    Water being a necessity in life, we strive to provide portable water to communities in need through the creating of boreholes, pipe borne water and conservation of water catchment. We also educate the communities on ways to manage water catchments. Provision of portable water to communities helps to reduce risk of contamination which is one of the major causes of ill health in rural communities in Cameroon as many people drink but water from streams and flowing rivers and some from exposed or badly managed wells.
  4. Our Outreach Program
    Outreach programs: Our volunteers go into communities and find out how the people live, those particular problems and assist them when they can. We offer trainings to youths on starting up and running small scale businesses for sustenance and self reliance. We also train them on book keeping so they can properly manage their businesses. We also provide startup none-refundable startup capital to young girls especially single mothers to assist them take care of their kids and avoid relying on men for a living, which is one of the causes of maltreatment of women in the society, limit prostitution- cause of HIV/AIDS in the society.
  5. Sources of finance:
    The Association has three sources of finance. 1. Registration of members. Active members of the association pay a registration fees usually decided by the General Assembly. This registration can be yearly or once. 2. Contributions from members. Apart from registration fees, members also pay a yearly contribution. These are used to run the Association and other activities of the Association. Members of the association pay a registration fee which is used to run the activities of the association. This is just a small portion of the finances needed to run it. A yearly contribution is also made by each member of the association. This is used to run its activities. All these amounts are fixed by the General Assembly. Other contributions are raised when need be or when there is a project at hand. 3. Financial and material contributions from donors and well-wishers. Mindful of the vast nature of the activities of the Association, donors and well-wishers. However, we do not have any permanent donors for now but a handful of individual well-wishers.
  6. Gifts and assistance
    Thanks to the donations or assistance from good will people like you, CANU is able to make remarkable changes in the lives of people living below the poverty line ($1.25 daily). You can choose whether to give regular assistance or to do so whenever you desire to. To give directly or to channel through CANU. You can also donate online thanks to our online system of donation You can also request information from
  7. Being An Ambassador/Honorary member
    Ambassadors of CANU are people who spread the message of the work we do. You can spread to your network, network with us or link us to another network for the betterment of our work.
  8. Donating to support our work
    Any donation is welcome. You can donate materials, cash or knowledge. You can donate through the bank account, material by post/shipment or contact us for more modalities.
  9. Management of funds
    CANU's funds come from three main sources. Member's registration, Contributions and donations. A maximum of 10% of donations is used for overhead cost.