Care of the Ageing, Needy and the Underprivileged Association​
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CANU Association Cameroon needs the services of volunteers from  all categories and from  any country, with no barriers-age, sex or color- who can help in rural development and in the continuation of existing projects towards the wellbeing of communities. Volunteer contributions are welcome, for any time preiod. Please aim to complete the project within your time-frame , and focus on the sustainability of it after you leave. “Volunteering with CANU Cameroon is a great opportunity to help the community and the underprivileged persons. If you have a passion to volunteer with us, just tell us what you can do for our communities and we will create the opportunity for you. Volunteering positions are not limited by what we have short listed here.
You can also join as a partner, a donor or sympathiser.
IT Volunteer
Volunteers will support the organization in maintaining its website and in producing diverse public relations and marketing material. For this, they will take pictures of and film various events organized by CANU Cameroon which will be edited. Volunteers will also work on resource mobilization, especially fundraising for  CANU Cameroon's projects. CANU Cameroon expects participants to have a good command of spoken and written English.

Out reach project manager
The volunteer will assist in programs aimed at educating the people on ways to start, run and manage small scale businesses so as to improve on their socio-economic lives. This includes fundraising to grant non reimbursable seed grants to trainees with no means to startup something. This will enable them carry out activities such as;  running of hair dressing /barbing salons, buying and selling of smoked fish or food items, cooking and selling of food (in mini restaurants), growing of mushroom, keeping of snails and others
Sustainable Agriculture Volunteer
Passionate volunteer with skills in sustainable agriculture to train women in rural Cameroon. "CANU food for all" Sustainable Agriculture project promotes sustainable farming methods and education through demonstration farms, workshops, and the development of tree nurseries. "CANU food for all" project will also wish to establish community seed banks and educate on seed collection to encourage sustainable crop production and support enhanced biodiversity. The goal is to bring about significant, long term change in resource to poor, small-scale farming communities. This, because poverty coupled with drought, declining soil fertility and soil erosion pose major threats to the ability of communities to feed themselves. Due to the effects of decades of bad farming practices on decreasing land sizes, hunger and starvation have become a serious threat. The biggest challenge for farmers is how to maintain and increase sustainable farm productivity of crops and livestock using the limited resources of land, labour, and capital. Farmers are faced with a variety of socio-economic constraints with little knowledge of improved farming practices.
Child Care Volunteer
CANU Cameroon is looking for volunteers to oversee and manage the Orphans and Vulnerable children project. CANU Cameroon currently provides for 60 orphans and vulnerable children. However, we have more than 500 applications but due to limited resources we are unable to add more children. Volunteers ought to have plans to enhance sponsorship of the programme and also to encourage further sponsors and to increase fund raising.Volunteer will be required to live and work in Bafut NW Region, Cameroon for any length of time as a contribution to bettering the lives of these children.

Nurses and health personnel.
Volunteers will help in creating awareness on HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted infections (STIs) among youths. They will provide educational resources about the consequences of HIV/AIDS and STIs and information on how to avoid contracting them. The aim of the program is to empower children and young people to make informed choices concerning their sexual health. The methods that can be used for the campaign will vary depending on the resources available and the group concerned.
Community Development Volunteer
Volunteers will participate in implementing adult education programs and organize activities to promote the programs as an effective tool to gain employment. Another task of the interns will be to motivate young people to become active in the education programs. They also can contribute to the organisation´s work by conducting research and thus highlighting community problems and proposing solutions during social events. Through the exchange of ideas and experiences, CANU Cameroon wants volunteers to foster community development projects and consequently to participate in facilitating such endeavours. Education background and experience with implementing education programs will be highly appreciated. Specific skills like project-writing, fundraising and project management will be helpful. Work experience in community development, active citizenship issues are not left out.