Care of the Ageing, Needy and the Underprivileged Association​
P. O BOX 8241 Douala Cameroon
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  1. James 7
    James 7
    Orphan who lives with the Granny 69
  2. Derick 9
    Derick 9
    Lives with Far relative of over 70
  3. Twins 8
    Twins 8
    No parents, No active close relative.
  4. Mercy 5
    Mercy 5
    No parent left. lives with aged granny
  5. Jesica 7
    Jesica 7
    Mother and father no more
  6. Mary 10
    Mary 10
    Taken care of by good will neighbour
  7. Jesica 10
    Jesica 10
  8. Derick 6
    Derick 6
  9. Ketina 10
    Ketina 10
  10. Leonardo 6
    Leonardo 6
  11. Brandon 11
    Brandon 11
  12. Divine 7
    Divine 7
  CANU Association Cameroon- a nonpolitical, non-religious inclined and not for profit association- started in 2008 in Bafut North West Region Cameroon, is a community development organization aimed at changing the living conditions of people in Cameroon especially those of the rural communities where health care, portable water, electricity, education and others are inaccessible lacking or a thing of the rich. We run outreach programs in health and Training, education/scholarship schemes to the underprivileged while at the same time strive to establish power plants in isolated communities which will help develop the areas and connect them to world at large. To better the health conditions of our people or communities where we work, we are putting up health centers where health professional and proper health care can be available at an affordable cost to all in alignment with Goal 3 of the Sustainable Development Goals  "CANU" was  created on the 27th April 2013 and it operates with Authorization No: 1220/2013/RDA/C19/SAAJP of 17th December 2013.  
To help any of these kids to go to school.
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