Care of the Ageing, Needy and the Underprivileged Association​
P. O BOX 8241 Douala Cameroon
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Our Mission
  CANU Association aims at building a sustainable future for the Cameroonian population and the world at large  This  involves sensitization on ways of eradicating common diseases like Malaria, typhoid, cholera; ending poverty; living peacefully with neighbours; protect and preserve the environment and helping the abandoned to grow economically,  socially, morally and otherwise.
The association offers training on modern farming methods to young Farmer. It is also concerned with environmental issues and sensitizes the population on behaviors that endanger our environment. CANU through its actions seeks a positive change for all humanity in the world, thus creating hope and a brighter future.
Our seminars, conferences and workshops are geared towards the transformation of the people's mindset from the 'usual way of doing things'  to modern and more advanced technological way. We believe that change can be effectively achieved when people change the way they think, act and so on.
By these, we aim to build a new world where people can live happily  and leave it with a brighter future for the generations to come.
CANU's team at work (Douala Branch)
Our Beneficiaries
  Our beneficiaries include orphans, street children, ageing and rural communities that lack basic necessities. That is communities in need. We work with them and for them to raise their living standards, end poverty and inequality, and bring development as much as we can do. We train the people themselves to become ambassadors of change in their communities and future advocates of change.  
Our Activities
Help a child go to school.
Health Care And Sanitation
Education and Training
Care, Out reach and assistance
CANU Educates communities on the sustainable development goals and their implementation through seminars, conferences and actions on the ground.
Scholrship Scemes include: Providing didactic materials (textbooks, exercise books, pens, etc), paying tuition fees of students who are in need and also providing vocational skills to children who have dropped out of school for other reasons than listed above.
Sensitize the people on some social ills and poor aspects of the customs and beliefs
Training of youths and members of communities on the use of ICT tools and provision of ICT tools to communities.
You can support by providing a computer to a community in CAMEROON
Health care is a basic human right. Thus health facilities must be made accessible to all at all times. Through our health centres we endeavour to:

a) Educate our beneficiaries and communities on the need for better health practice through conferences, seminars and workshops
b) Improve access to and use of health facilities by bringing health facilities closer to the people and also providing health care at little or no cost to the people.
c) Provision of portable water to communities to reduce risk of contamination which is one of the major causes of ill health in rural communities in Cameroon as many people drink but water from open streams and some from exposed or badly managed wells.
d) Provision of portable water to communities to reduce risk of contamination
e) Educate the people on prevention of common diseases and birth control methods
a) Provision of medical assistance and nutrition. From the beginning we used to take them to nearby health Centres or hospitals (depending on the area). As from December 2016, CANU wishes to run Health Centres in areas where these are lacking and need is high. This is aimed to provide access to medical assistance especially to the underprivileged population.
b) Provision of basic needs (clothing, comfort, etc.). Whenever there is a possibility, we do everything possible to provide some basic necessities to the underprivileged population especially the aged, children and youths in need.
c)  Formation of sharing Groups
d)Training of youths mostly female who have dropped from school on managerial capabilities to start and run small projects to help themselves.
e) Assistance (material or financial) to kickstart small scale businesses for those we have trained.
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One of our happy beneficiaries after receiving End of year gift (2016) of a blanket
1) Ministry of Social  Affairs Cameroon
2) Enabling Support Foundation-USA
3) GlobalGiving